ABOUT USETASIS has been manufacturing CNC machines since 2000 with its dynamic staff and technological infrastructure that adapts easily to innovations.Our company has been developing rapidly since its foundation. As ETASIS, we believe in continuous self-improvement and we are serving all over the world, especially in Turkey, Italy, Germany and Serbia, with our expert staff and wide CNC machine park .

Our company offers customers a turnkey quality job by performing all the works from the design to assembly.

We aim to make your valuable time even more efficient with our trouble-free and on time delivery guarantee and  by providing special training support to our customers.



CNC Machining Centers are machines designed for machining various workpieces. This machine is also equipped with a CNC milling machine such as chip removal. However, these machines can be used for drilling, boring, tapping, threading etc. except for milling. also performs the operations.
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CNC Lance

CNC lathes are often used in the processing of rotary workpieces, just as in conventional lathes.

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Double Column

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ETASIS: Machine tools

Etasis was established in 1990 on ilgili Electronic Scale Manufacturing Tart and has worked in R & D studies for kurul load cell al manufacturing since 1994. Starting from the second half of 1998, it started to produce straingage based loadcell.

All of our products are our own design, our company also performs special weighing systems according to the demands. Standard scales include market scales, industrial scales, scales, indicators, pressure gauges and loadcells. At the beginning of 2000, CNC Milling – Lathe Machine has started and achieved success. As a Turkish brand in CNC Looms, we respond to our customers’ technical support and training requests more quickly.

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